Thailand Treats

 In my opinion, and fortunately Adam’s too, the most fun part of traveling is the food. I mean what better way to get a true taste of the culture and interact with people than through a meal.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the amazing food we ate in Thailand! I’m going to get around to doing a complete post about our trip and lots of photos of each place, but in the mean time- thought I’d tantalize the tastebuds with some yummy pictures and descriptions! Surprisingly enough- some of our favorite meals ended up being breakfast ( not traditional thai), a super hot pepper pizza on an island and a simple dish from the Chiang Mai market.

Let’s start with our all time favorite. Enter- Braised Pork Shoulder, Soft Boiled egg, vinegar mustard greens and white rice.

This super simple dish served in a plastic container can be found at a lot of stalls throughout the Chiang Mai Night Market. However- this particular one AND THE ABSOLUTE BEST, is from the infamous Cowboy Hat Lady. The night market was always on our list as anyone you ever ask about Chaing Mai, insists you must go. It’s a wild experience. The market lasts for miles and you are shoulder to shoulder the entire time. We walked in it for hours both nights we went and still only saw a small piece of it. But the snacks and art/crafts along the way were awesome.

This particular food stall was recommended by Anthony Bourdain on Parts Unknown Thailand. As we take Anthony Bourdain and food recommendations very seriously- we made it our mission to find it. It did not disappoint. While it sounds so simple- the braising liquids that the pork shoulder is cooked in are undoubtedly hundreds of years old, creating a flavor impossible to replicate. The mustard greens are deliciously vinegary and the jamminess of the egg yolk combined with the bitterness of the greens and pork shoulder makes the most delicious bite. We ate this 3 times while in Chiang Mai. We still talk about it regularly.

Cowboy Hat lady tucked behind her stand

What is probably way more surprising than us loving an authentic market stall dish- is the fact that some of our most delicious meals was a rustic organic breakfast place in Chiang Mai called Rustic and Blue. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about eating authentic dishes when I travel. However, after 8 days of eating Thai food and having very few breakfasts that weren’t noodles or croissants, we were dying for some fruit, fresh veggies and breakfast style eggs. What can I say- I’m a breakfast lover. We loved this place so much we went 2x.

This beauty was a crispy sunny side up egg, served on an crisp english muffin with shredded carrot, sprouts, herbs and avocado. All of this dipped into that smeared red pepper hummus! I don’t know what I was more excited about- the hummus or the avocado. I’m basic- whatever, and am an avocado toast lover through and through.

Coconut smoothie bowl w/ granola, pomegranate seeds, bananas and peaches. FRUIT!!!


Adam went classic carnivore American breakfast style on this one. This was a fried egg on top of smoked sausage and bacon, I believe a piece of crunchy bread is hidden under there somewhere all of which is smothered in cheddar cheese. Plus, a side of maple syrup because is makes everything tastier.



On our second trip there we had a sweet and savory extravaganza. This beautiful mess are two pancakes complete with a peanut butter sauce, granola and pomegranate seeds. Yes, it was as luxurious and delicious as it sounds. The picture doesn’t do it justice as everything’s the same color haha



Meanwhile- I ordered something more savory. Another version of avocado toast, but this time a poached egg topped with shredded raw veggies, a side of amazing smoked bacon and a bed of Mediterranean style couscous. Can you tell I was missing raw veggies? Seriously- if you find yourself in Chiang Mai- go check this place out. Give yourself a pass on one meal ( especially breakfast) and go eat at this tasty all day brunch spot!


We’re pretty happily dorky when we eat. 🙂


&& here are some photos from the trip just for fun and as a bit of a teaser! Adam has a ton of better photo’s than I on his camera that I am in the process of downloading for a more extensive post- complete with itinerary & tips! 



Chiang Mai- the view from one of our air bnb apartments in the city!


One of the many incredible temples we visited in Chiang Mai


This temple was entirely gold & had tons of young studying monks
One of probably 500 fresh coconuts I drank while there! This was at our final air bnb that was literally a garden oasis in the middle of the city.

Have you been to Thailand? What were some of your favorite meals!?

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