Thai Chicken Coconut Noodles
A warm and cozy thai noodle soup dish that leaves you wanting more! A simple dish with tons of flavor and the ability to top it with whatever you like. Guaranteed to make lunch this week way better too as it makes the best leftovers. Say goodbye to sad desk lunches when you have this noodle goodness!
  1. Poaching Chicken: Season 2 medium/large chicken breasts with salt, pepper, garlic powder to taste.
  2. Cook chicken in chicken stock and water over medium heat covering with a lid. Cook for 8-10 minutes.
  3. Chicken should be easy to pull apart at this point remove from broth, shred and put aside. Save the leftover broth for the curry soup base.
  4. Soup/Noodles: Bring a large pot to a medium-high heat. Add the curry paste with 1/4 cup coconut milk; whisk until smooth. Add the rest of the coconut milk, chicken stock, sesame oil, chili garlic sauce and fish sauce. Stir until combined.
  5. Add the shredded chicken and sliced red bell pepper.
  6. Add cumin, chili powder, salt and pepper to taste. Taste often because the coconut milk makes it so you have to add a lot more Thai curry paste/spices than you think. Let that simmer for about 10 minutes.
  7. Last 5 mins of broth simmering- pan sautee the baby bok choy in olive oil baby bok choy with garlic, onion a dash of soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic chilli sauce and 1/4 cup chicken broth.
  8. Let it cook down 5 mins or so. It cooks down significantly so use a lot if you like it. Put bok choy aside (don’t put it in soup pot because it makes everything taste like bok choy- leave it as a topper).
  9. Add rice noodles into the soup and leave on a low simmer for about 8 minutes.
  10. Serve: Top with sautéed bok choy, green onions, jalapeno or chili garlic sauce, cilantro and peanuts.